Recover Photos from Casio Exilim Digital Camera

Casio Exilim, a digital camera series from the manufactures Casio, is world's 1st slim digital camera when launched in market. Casio Exilim is a slim digital camera with many attractive features and a very good competitor to other digital camera series from different manufacturers available in the market. If you are using a Casio Exilim series digital camera and facing any problem related to photo loss, you might be searching answers for the question “how to recover Casio Exilim photos?” which you have captured recently. Don't Worry! This article will provide you the best solution to recover photos from Casio Exilim. You just go on reading...

Before using Picture Recovery Tool to restore Casio Exilim photos, you should be aware about photo loss scenarios

Casio Exilim Photo Loss Scenarios

  • Pressing "Delete All" accidentally: Pressing "Delete All" option is quite often scenario with digital camera users. One wrong click deletes all the photos at a moment.

  • Improper removal of memory card: Sometimes unknowingly, users remove the memory card while the digital camera is still in running condition that leads to corruption of memory card resulting in loss of valuable pictures.

  • Using same memory cards in different Digital Cameras: Using the same memory card in different digital camera leads to loss of photos by corrupting the file system of memory card.

  • Failure during photo transfer: Failure during transferring and importing media files from memory card of Casio Exilim digital camera to computer or vice-versa may corrupt memory card resulting in inaccessibility of photos stored in it.

  • Virus Attack: If you are connecting Casio Exilim on different systems in order to import and export pictures, then chances of memory card corruption becomes very high if any of the system is affected with harmful viruses.

If you are facing any such problems with your Casio Exilim series digital camera, use Picture Recovery Tool to retrieve Casio Exilim photos. Now, the main question arises like How Casio Exilim photos recovery is still possible using this software? The answer is, even if the photos are deleted, but in actual those photos are not removed from your Casio Exilim. They are just invisible but still present on memory card until not overwritten by any other file. Just do not use your Casio Exilim digital camera to capture new pictures or video until you retrieve Casio Exilim photos back. When you use Picture Recovery Tool to get back Casio Exilim photos that are deleted, it first scans your memory card and then recover photos from Casio Exilim using signature search option. Beside this, Pictures Recovery software is able to recover deleted DCIM files of all types from your digital camera. For Android phone pictures recovery visit here. This software is specially designed for Windows user as well as MAC users so that photo recovery can be made irrespective of the Operating System , you just have to choose the software according to your Operating system, thats all. Just follow few simple steps mentioned below to recover photos from Casio Exilim digital camera.

Things to Remember After Photo Loss

  • Stop using your Casio Exilim Digital Camera to capture any new pictures or videos.
  • Never write any new files into Casio Exilim Digital Camera memory card.
  • Do not use your Casio Exilim Digital Camera memory card in any other digital camera.
  • It is advisable not to use media file importing software also, they might write some new data into the memory card.

Features of Picture Recovery Tool

  • Complete memory card scan in few minutes to retrieve Casio Exilim photos.
  • Able to recognize all picture format supported By Casio Exilim digital camera.
  • Recover Casio Exilim photos and sort them on the basis of name, date, size and file type.

Steps to restore Casio Exilim photos

Step 1: Download demo version of Picture Recovery Software, install it on your PC and then launch it. Now, from main screen, select "Recover Photos" option as shown in figure 1.

Recover Photos Casio Exilim - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select "Recover Deleted Photos" option and choose a logical drive which belongs to your Casio Exilim Digital Camera Card and click on "Next" option as shown in figure 2.

Recover Photos Casio Exilim - Select Casio Exilim Digital Camera Memory Card

Figure 2: Select Casio Exilim Digital Camera Memory Card

Step 3: Once recovery process is done, you can "Preview" recovered photos as shown in figure 3.

Recover Photos Casio Exilim - Preview Recovered Video

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Casio Exilim Deleted Photos

Step 4: Save the “Recovery Session”. Purchase the software, activate it, and then load previously saved recovery session to recover deleted photos from Casio Exilim Digital Camera.

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