Recover Deleted DCIM Files

If you are a Digital camera user, you might have some knowledge about DCIM folder on your memory card. What is a DCIM folder actually? DCIM stands for Digital Camera Images, it is a folder automatically created by Digital cameras on memory card to store the media files. DCIM is the default directory structure for most of digital cameras and digital camera manufacturers out there in market today. Digital Cameras manufacturers like Nikon, Samsung, Kodak, Canon, Sony etc use DCIM folder to store media files. Recently cell phones manufactures started following the same standard of creating a DCIM folder to store media files. Different media files importing software on PC looks for the DCIM folder while importing the media files.

In case of DCIM folder accidentally deleted or lost, all media files residing inside it also gets deleted or lost along with it respectively. If you are facing any such problems with your DCIM folder on your Flash memory card, you might be thinking of how to recover deleted DCIM files. The solution is very simple use Deleted Pictures Recovery Software to get back deleted DCIM files. By using this photo recovery tool you can recover photos from Casio Exilim digital camera which makes use of DCIM folder structure while storing captured pictures. There are several reasons behind deletion of DCIM files, some of the common reasons are listed below:

Major reasons behind DCIM Files deletion

  • Accidentally performing Shift + Delete (Windows) / Command+Delete (Mac) operation on DCIM folder.
  • Failure in copying files from DCIM folder to other disk storage.
  • Camera disconnected during importing media files.
  • Use of third party software for importing media files.
  • Using same memory card in different digital cameras.
  • Virus attack on memory card while using it on unsecured computers.

Deleted DCIM files recovery is still possible even after all these above mentioned situations, as long as usage of memory card is stopped to capture other pictures and videos again after losing all your valuable media files. Here you just need Deleted Picture Recovery Software to restore deleted DCIM files back. Because after deletion the actual files are not deleted from the memory cards, only the link to that file are deleted from your memory card for fast processing and those files are left over only on the memory card until they are not overwritten by new files.

The best way to retrieve deleted DCIM files back is to use Deleted Picture Recovery Software, which is a simple data recovery tool that enables you to recover deleted DCIM files. It is easy to use and a very handy tool to restore deleted DCIM files from memory card in every scenario. Take a look on how Blackberry z10 DCIM folder photos recovery is possible with Deleted Pictures recovery software here. You can also retrieve deleted DCIM files from different memory card types (SD, XC, MMC etc) and manufactures (SanDisk, Kingston, KingMax, Sony etc). If you are looking for Android deleted pictures recovery then go to for more informations.

Features of Deleted Picture Recovery Software

  • Quick scan feature perform entire memory card scan within few minutes to recover deleted DCIM files.
  • Recognize all types of files (JPEG, JPG, RAW etc.) belonging to DCIM folder.
  • List all files in order like date, name, size and type.
  • Recognize and preserve the old file name while restoring to DCIM folder.
  • Preview option is enabled for all your restored DCIM files.
  • Recovers deleted DCIM files on Windows 7, one of the most popular operating systems. Visit subsequent page to know more.

Step by step guide to restore deleted DCIM files:

Step-1: Download demo version of Deleted Picture Recovery Software and install it on your PC to retrieve deleted DCIM files Connect your memory card to your computer. Run the application and choose "Recover Photos" option from the home screen to recover deleted DCIM files as depicted in Figure 1.

Recover Deleted DCIM Files - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step-2: The tool displays the list of drives present on the system, choose memory card from which you want to retrive deleted DCIM files and click on Proceed button as depicted in Figure 2.

Recover Deleted DCIM Files - Select Memory Stick

Figure 2: Select Memory Stick

Step-3: Once recovery process is done, you will be able to view the recovered DCIM files either in "File Type View" or "Data View" as depicted in Figure 3.

Recover Deleted DCIM Files - Preview Recovered DCIM Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered DCIM Files

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